Bernard Trainor : This Santa Lucia Preserve project embraces both the native landscape and a new home designed by Sagan Piechota Architecture. The simple form of the house is complemented by the sculptural trunks of a live oak woodland.Outdoor spaces engage the hillside on all sides, creating gathering spaces and distinct view portals. The west court is an artful composition of stone and water, with the native meadow on the hillside as a visual backdrop and dynamic seasonal canvas. The architectural forms and visual simplicity of the native site lead us toward a restrained hardscape and plant palette.

Bernard Trainor : 这个圣卢西亚保护区项目采用了由Sagan Piechota Architecture设计的原生景观和新家园。 房子的简单形式与活橡木林地的雕塑树干相辅相成。户外空间四周与山坡相连,形成聚集空间和独特的观景门户。 西院是一个由石头和水构成的巧妙组合,山坡上的原生草甸作为视觉背景和充满活力的季节性画布。 本土的建筑形式和简洁的视觉引导我们走向内敛的硬景观和植物调色板。



The long eaves focused the sight on the ancient trees opposite and the mountain outline in the distance.


Not far away, the baking table extends the space further and depicts the life scene.



The ancient trunk is the most beautiful scenery outside the window, and the space concession of each building surface echoes the scenery outside the window.


建筑:Sagan Piechota Architecture
景观:Bernard Trainor

Project name: ARROYO SEQUOIA
Location: Windsor, California,America
Completed: 2013
Architectural:Sagan Piechota Architecture
landscape:Bernard Trainor

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