kernel design :这个项目概念是创建字母T(它来源于川泉镇项目的品牌TOWN),以创建一个独特而难忘的物理标识。 这个项目很纯粹。以T为元素,融入到设计中包括地面铺装,长凳,路灯以及logo的运用。

kernel design :The project concept is to create the letter T (which comes from the brand TOWN of the kawasaki project) to create a unique and memorable physical identity. This project is pure and simple.Taking T as the element, it is integrated into the design, including the use of floor paving, bench, street lamp and logo.


项目:Chuan Chuen Town Kaew In-Bang Yai
景观设计师:kernel design,Piyawaj Minmhee Pakapanyavaj
设计顾问:Studio W Company Limited
建筑师:VSa Group
软景承包商:Green Volunteer Company Limited
照片:TINNAPHOP CHAWATIN,Panoramic Studio

Project : Chuan Chuen Town Kaew In-Bang Yai
Project Year : 2017
Landscape Architect : kernel design, Piyawaj Minmhee Pakapanyavaj
Design Consultant : Studio W Company Limited
Architect : VSa Group
Softscape Contractor : Green Volunteer Company Limited
Photographs : TINNAPHOP CHAWATIN,Panoramic Studio

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