Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   Birmingham的景观设计为客户的家居和艺术收藏塑造了一个充满活力的空间。位于密歇根州底特律市郊区一个安静的街区,寓意着客人的冒险品味,庆祝该地区与钢铁业的历史联系。从一开始,景观设计师就从当代艺术中汲取灵感,重新诠释了私家花园的传统元素,创造出了补充和柔化建筑视觉语言的空间。共同的信念是,景观中可以体现出独特的个人视觉,住宅景观设计不受传统材料和实践的约束,引导设计团队和客户,激励他们延伸项目的创意和技术设计。

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   Birmingham’s landscape design creates a vibrant space for clients’ homes and art collections. A quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, celebrates the region’s historic ties to the steel industry as a symbol of guests’ taste for adventure. From the beginning, landscape designers have drawn inspiration from contemporary art, reinterpreted the traditional elements of private garden, and created a space to supplement and soften the architectural visual language. Common belief is that the landscape can be reflected in the unique personal vision, residential landscape design is not bound by traditional materials and practice and guide the design team and the customer, inspire them to extension project of design ideas and technology.





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