Group GSA:伯克街公立学校(简称“BSPS”)是一所坐落在市内古文化建筑学校,成立于1880年。根据新的学习环境法教育方针的调研,GSA准备了可替换性概念方案。这些由DEC项目指导委员会认可,作为可替换性概念设计方案的准备指导工作。

Group GSA:Bourke Street Public School (BSPS) is an inner city school established in 1880 located in heritage classified buildings. The school caters for the needs of children from a diverse multicultural community and provides quality education in a safe and happy school environment. BSPS is a fast growing, dynamic school with increasing enrolments. GroupGSA prepared alternative concept design options following the completion of an Educational Principles study with New Learning Environments. These were endorsed by the DEC Project Steering Committee for guidance in the preparation of alternative design concepts for the proposed accommodation.




The preferred option is a two level development with the new Home Bases located on the second level above the proposed Hall. The concept conserves valuable site area for open outdoor activities, learning and possible future development. The space associated with the new Home Bases will contribute to the learning environment and be flexible allowing customisation to suit the range of learning styles and teaching methods practiced in the school. The new facilities are located in an optimum position to meet immediate and near future needs of the school and the new COLA attached to the Hall will provide a Hub for the whole school community. The new “community entrance” will provide a direct connection to the COLA and canteen facilities.



The GroupGSA graphics team was included to further extend the architectural and interiors work being done on the school. The intention was to introduce “fun elements” into the learning environment, by using a combination of colour and visual learning cues. The initiative was a great opportunity to visually explore ways to engage with the students and give their new school building a visual boost.




A multi-coloured serpent graphic was developed, starting on the ground floor and covering the entire balcony area. It not only reinforces a 1m setback so kids can’t climb over the balustrade, but it also helps improve traffic flow on the narrow stairways by dividing the stairs into “up” and “down” sections.




Another fun element which has received a lot of positive feedback has been the floor graphics, and in particular the protractor. Every time the library doors are swung open, the kids are subconsciously taking in mathematical information, in a really relaxed way. Coupled with the repetitive nature of walking in and out of the building countless times a day, the kids hopefully grasp new concepts quicker and easier with the graphics in place.






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