ArquitectonicaGEO与太古地产(Swire Properties Inc.)合作的Brickell City Centre是迈阿密市中心的一个大型混合使用项目。它充分把当地的和热带的景观相融合,为城市生活的景观树立了新的标准。设计团队紧密合作,创造了一个不同寻常的多层次环境。

ArquitectonicaGEOBrickell City Centre, a collaboration with Swire Properties Inc., is a massive mixed-use project in the heart of Miami. It has been integrally woven with a lush native and adaptive tropical landscape that sets a new standard for urban lifestyle landscapes. Landscape Architect, ArquitectonicaGEO, collaborated closely with the architects of Arquitectonica to design an extraordinary multi-level environment.


总平面图   Master Plan



Virtually all horizontal surfaces within the 9-acre area and extending over more than three city blocks are enrobed in a lively plant palette, sophisticated hardscapes, or the clear blue waters of stylish pools. From streetscapes and internal retail concourses, to residential and hotel amenity decks, open air restaurants and 40th floor sky lounge, and planted bridges that span the blocks, the landscape is designed to enhance the spare elegance of 5.4 million square feet of office, residential, hotel, retail and entertainment space. The elevated landscapes create a new kind of “central park”, and firmly establish a center of gravity for Miami’s urban renaissance.




Nearly 1 acre of the amenity decks were crafted to highlight South Florida’s endangered native landscapes, while providing abundant recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, and critical habitat support for regional wildlife. The various landscape settings are intended to be enjoyed from a multitude of intimate spaces within, as well as viewed like a rich tapestry from the Centre’s towers above and from other towers nearby.


局部平面图   Partial Plan



该设计旨在与150000平方英尺的CLIMATE RIBBONTM一起工作,这是一种由钢、织物和玻璃制成的高架带,可以保护游客免受恶劣天气的影响,可以捕捉海风来调节气流和温度,每年向蓄水池输送大约500万加仑的雨水。使用合适的植物材料和高效灌溉,100 %的灌溉需求将由蓄水池来满足。多面灌溉系统包括由太阳能雨量传感器控制的滴灌、地下灌溉和高效灌溉部件。

The landscape is intended to work in conjunction with a 150,000-square foot CLIMATE RIBBONTM, an elevated ribbon of steel, fabric and glass that protects visitors from inclement weather, captures sea breezes to regulate air flow and temperature, and funnels an estimated 5 million gallons of rain water annually to cisterns. Using well-suited and well-placed plant material and efficient irrigation, 100% of irrigation needs are intended to be served by the cisterns. The multi-faceted irrigation system includes drip, sub-surface and high efficiency components controlled by solar sync rain sensors.



面积: 9,200,000 平方英尺 / 854,707平方米
FL ASLA环境可持续奖
FL ASLA Frederic B. Stresau奖

Location: Miami, Florida
Type: Hospitality, Mixed-Use, Office, Residential, Retail, Urban
Size: 9,200,000 SF / 854,707 M2
FL ASLA Award of Honor
FL ASLA Environmental Sustainability Award
FL ASLA Frederic B. Stresau Award