BESCO+k1: 黑塞州正通过其特殊投资项目Heureka为卡塞尔大学投资约2亿欧元,到2020年实现该大学的现代化和扩建。该项目的一部分是在校园地形上创造一个新的教育景观,在那里可以进行研究、教学和学习活动。

BESCO+k1: The state of Hesse is investing around € 200 million in the modernization and expansion of the University of Kassel by 2020 with its special investment program Heureka. Part of the program is the creation of a new educational landscape on campus terrain, where research, teaching and learning are possible.



总平面图  Master Plan


Moritzstraße、Gottschalkstraße 和Mombachstraße之间的户外空间总面积为16700平方米,由柏林k1景观建筑事务所规划。这所大学的院系和Ahna公园之间新建立的联系被分成一块铺有天然石板的如地毯般的平台、晒日光浴的草坪、一个大的室外楼梯和单独的休息区。

The areas of the outdoor spaces between Moritzstraße, Gottschalkstraße and Mombachstraße comprise a total of 16,700 m² and were planned by the office of k1 landscape architects from Berlin. The newly created connection between the departments of the university and the Ahnapark is divided into a carpet-like laid plateau of natural stone slabs and paving, sunbathing lawns, a large outside staircase, and individual retreat areas.




The new campus is being developed as an urban ensemble with clear edges, in particular to the new Ahna Park. The result is a spatial continuum that opens up all buildings and forms special places of communication with individual surfaces worked out. The result is a new city layout, which, developing from the South Campus, with the adjacent city and the Ahna Park linked.





Analogous to the conceptual attitude of the university, the buildings remain direction-free and represent the free access to the disciplines and study offers. The surfaces are carpeted with simple natural stone slabs and paving. The most important existing trees and the grove on the Moritzstraße are integrated.





In the design of the new open space, numerous natural stones of various sizes, designs and shapes were used and significantly shape the topography of the campus site. BESCO, which specializes in natural stone projects, supplied all the natural stones of this project. The natural stones were individually manufactured for each construction phase and delivered to the construction site on demand.


作为客户,Hessian建筑管理公司不仅要求顺利交付所需质量的材料,还坚持可持续的公平的生产天然石材。使用的belgrano天然石材拥有Fair Stone的WIN = WIN证书,Fair Stone是天然石材行业的国际社会环境标准。

The Hessian construction management as a client, did not only required a smooth delivery of the materials in the desired quality, but insisted on sustainably and fairly produced natural stones. The belgrano® natural stones used have the WIN = WIN certificate from Fair Stone, the international social and environmental standard of the natural stone industry.



Berlin Steincontor BESCO公司为新模型户外系统交付的天然石材具有高加工质量。特别值得一提的是belgrano®由片麻岩制成的城市家具,其表面、结构和形状都非常独特。

The natural stone delivered by the Berlin Steincontor BESCO for the newly modeled outdoor systems has a high processing quality and has been produced as project-related as usual. Particularly noteworthy is the belgrano® city furniture made of gneiss, with its exceptional surface, structure and shape.





In addition to the sustainable and fair production of the natural stones used, the technical durability and the resulting durability of the materials were just as crucial. Natural stones used for the project: diorite and gneiss.




完成时间: 2017年
建筑设计: k1 Landschaftsarchitekten

Project: Campus-Nord
Location: Hesse, Germany
Completed: 2017
Landscape Architects: BESCO + k1 Landschaftsarchitekten


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