STIMSON STUDIO这处房产位于牛顿历史街区的一角。作为一名狂热的艺术藏家,业主们设想在这处房产的后面再建一座博物馆,让大部分景观留在建筑上。这个画廊的空间被设计成完全融入场地,有可以穿透草坪的天窗来娱乐,还有一个玻璃头屋作为花园的焦点,这也可以让重要的雕塑作品进入下面的画廊。一系列由碎石、花岗石和草坪组成的户外空间,成为扩大雕塑收藏的中性框架。褶皱的菩提树点缀在玻璃头屋的装置上,而更引人注目的橡树将街道隔开,形成了景观雕塑的背景。一个由篱笆和金缕梅组成的长长的线性花园建立了一个重复的节奏,将后花园与屋前相连,在那里,种植形成了一种模式语言。从街道的侧面看,场地的设计仍然保持着克制和优雅,饱经风霜的青石,最小的草坪和地被物,以回应周围社区的历史背景。

STIMSON STUDIOThis property occupies a corner site in a historic neighborhood of Newton. As avid art collectors, the Owners envisioned a museum addition below the rear of the property that left a large part of the landscape on structure. This gallery space was designed to integrate fully into the site, with flush skylights that puncture a lawn panel for entertaining, and a glass head house as a focal point of the garden, that also allows significant pieces of sculpture to be brought into the gallery below. A series of outdoor spaces comprised of gravel, granite and lawn become a neutral framework for an expanding sculpture collection. Pleached lindens punctuate the installation at the glass head house, while espalier oak trees screen the street beyond, and form the backdrop for landscape sculpture. A long linear garden of hedges and witchhazel establish a repetitive rhythm that connects the rear gardens to the front of house, where the planting forms a pattern language. From the street side, the site design remains restrained and elegant, with weathered bluestone, minimal lawn and groundcover, responding to the historic context of the surrounding neighborhood.



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