Y-anstudioONE CENTRAL MANSION is located in the old city of Chongqing, which leads to Yuzhou road, the main road of the state GuoBin house. the surrounding area is prosperous and convenient, and the culture is profound.




Y-an studio is based on Bai Juyi’s dream of ” going out to court and hidden into mountain forest” to create a taoyuan secret habitat in a prosperous city.



项目场地保持着重庆特有高差山地地势,设计利用这一特质依山就势,创造出层层叠进的院落,引水造林,同时将国宾馆待客用的户外亭台水榭系统设与住区中,形成泛会所功能。运用当代简洁设计手法将现代休闲生活体验、器物、场所融入其中,呈现出华贵端庄、美树碧池、闲亭雅座的经典东方栖居之境,为客户提供了 “出门入繁华,关门自在天”的极致城市典藏山林秘境体验。

The project site maintains the unique mountainous terrain with high elevation difference in Chongqing. it is designed to make use of this feature to create a courtyard built on top of the mountain and to divert water for forestation. at the same time, the outdoor pavilion and waterside pavilion system for guest reception in the state guesthouse is set up in the residential area to form a pan-club function. Modern leisure life experiences, implements and places are integrated with contemporary simple design methods, presenting a classic oriental habitat of elegant elegance, beautiful trees, green pools and leisure pavilions. it provides customers with the ultimate experience of city-level mountain forest secret habitat of ” going out into prosperity, closing doors and living in the sky”.




Solve the problem:
1. deal with the difference elevation between the sales center and the road;
2. shielding the unfavorable sight of the surrounding landscape;
3. lengthen the tour line in a short depth to enrich the experience.




The front court of the sales department is 50 meters deep, and the roads and venues form twisted slopes with a maximum height difference of about 3 meters.



According to the topography of the site, the site is divided into two major levels.


Through the enclosure of the wall and the arrangement of the structures, the courtyard space will be formed layer by layer. The artistic conception of each space is different, making visitors gradually move from noisy downtown to calm environment.




Classical elements such as pavilions and waterside pavilions in traditional Chinese gardens are taken to present elegant and elegant landscape scenes.



The gate is built with palace regulations and has a width of 100 feet. the three gates are opened one by one. the cast copper lions are divided into two sides, showing solemn and magnificent momentum at the entrance.



Along the wind and rain corridor along the water’s edge, arch bridges, rockeries and moon gates all reflect the oriental elegance of Chinese classical gardens.



The moon gate divides the front and rear courtyards. the scenery inside and outside the gate is different. it is another heaven and earth to pass through the gate. the scenery is different in steps and the winding path leads to a secluded spot.



The open and calm water surface serves as the base of the sales department building. the end of the water surface is closed by the ancient Chinese pavilion. the water surface reflects the building and the scenery pavilion. elegant trees are dotted in the water. the lamplight and spray under the curtain strengthen the ethereal artistic conception. the whole scene is open and quiet.





Contemporary concise design methods and material technology
Creating modern leisure life experience



The periphery is concise and exquisite, which reflects the feelings of the contemporary giants. U – shaped glass curtain wall is used for the inner wall, which is clean, light and transparent. different periods of time have different light and shadow effects.



The landscape grey material waterscape wall is paved with langtao sand floor. the pattern mechanism is varied and the shape is simple, forming a feeling of both noble and elegant.



Traditional elements such as pavilion gallery construction are reconstructed by modern design methods, and modern texture is expressed by new technological materials such as glass and metal.






摄影:雪尔空间摄影  唐曦

Developer: Sunac China Holdings Limited
Landscape design: Shenzhen yi’ an design consulting co., ltd.
Project location: Yuzhong district, Chongqing city
Landscape area: 7500 ㎡
Design time: 2017
Photography: XUEER ,Tang Xi