ONE landscape :项目位于印度东南部大型城市钦奈的郊区,Confluence旨在规模和愿景上打造成为印度独一无二的度假胜地。度假酒店坐落在一望无垠的草坪之上,就好像繁华都市里的一片绿洲。酒店内大型会议中心结合庄重大气的 景观和庭院花园的设计,与度假区内的别墅和度假环境形成强烈对比。水上别墅和俱乐部作为酒店中心区的花园的一部分,俯瞰游泳池。线型的公园贯穿基地东侧,联系整合基地内各主要空间 。项目由Arun Excello开发,占地约4公顷,在2014年完成。

ONE landscape :Located in the outskirts of Chennai, Confluence is a unique project in its scale and aspiration. Conceived as a resort destination and planned around a large central open lawn it is an oasis in its feel. A large convention centre with its formal landscape and courtyard garden is designed in complete contrast with the resort setting for villas and chalets. Water villas and the club overlook the extended swimming pool as part of central villa garden.A linear park running all along the east side of site that connecting all the key spaces of the development. Developed by Arun Excello and spread across a site of around 4 ha this project was completed in 2014.


景观设计:ONE landscape
客户:Arun Excello

Project name: confluence banquets and resort
Location: chennai,India
Area: 40000㎡
Completed: 2014
landscape:ONE landscape
Client:Arun Excello

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