Sanitas Studio :2014年,Sanitas Studio被委托为曼谷CBD地区毗邻中央世界的一个新的公共公园Patumwananurak进行艺术设施的设计。

Sanitas Studio :In 2014, we were invited to work on the art installation for a new public park, Patumwananurak Park next to Central World in CBD area of Bangkok.



总平面图  Master Plan


The city context there is very dense and diverse. We wanted to create a sequence for people to follow and move from an urban position where our mind can be everywhere to that of being in nature where you may feel smaller and more aware of your surroundings. We call it ‘CRAFTED LAND’ and there are only two materials, rammed earthand the reflective stainless steel. People can visit the park to relax and have a conceptual experience as they cut through the topography and find their own space while also becoming more aware of themselves in the city.



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