Developed as the first ecotourism destination in China, Crosswaters serves as an exemplary study in environmental, social, economic, and spiritual consciousness. The 53-room ecolodge was ingeniously designed to reflect fengshui orientations and layouts where buildings, gardens, and landscape areas respect the self-sustaining traditions, values, and practices of the local Keija people. The entire site was constructed using refurbished, recycled, or reused local materials such as bamboo, clay, river stone, marble, and regional flora to celebrate the area’s natural character. The site plan includes a nature activity center, recreation center, conference center, wellness center, trails and several gardens.



Stimulating the local economy and engaging the community in the development process, EDSA implemented sustainability-focused design solutions to deliver on a holistic guest experience that set a precedent for future resort development within mainland China.




规模: 2500公顷

Location:Nankun Mountain National Forest Park, Huizhou, China
Client: Longmen Mt. Nankun Zhongheng Ecotourism Development Co. Ltd.,Scope:Master Planning
Scale:2,500 Hectares