Bureau B+B阿姆斯特丹莱茵运河上的新自行车桥将新城Leidsche Rijn与乌得勒支内城相连。在新设计中,新桥,学校建筑和维克多雨果公园被认为是一个统一的整体。所有元素都被解释为一个整体设计的独特部分,它们像一个连贯的拼图一样伸入彼此。高达7米的桥梁可以将学校安装在桥梁结构之下。由于桥梁建造了学校的屋顶,学校建筑的每一侧都被光线和空间包围,防止一面朝向盲墙。一个宽大的环路将骑车人或行人从公园入口抬到健身房的屋顶上。从那里旅程继续穿过树梢到全景。建筑物的形状为儿童创造了一个安全和封闭的运动场,并从运河关闭了公园。通过这种方式,学校和校园都明确地面向公园。最小的空间转化为多功能空间,并拥有最多的设施。

Bureau B+BThe new bicycle bridge over the Amsterdam Rhine Canal connects the new town Leidsche Rijn with the inner city of Utrecht. Within the new design, the new bridge, the building of the school and the Victor Hugo Park are realized as a coherent unity. All elements are interpreted as an unique part of an integral design, which reach into each other like a coherent puzzle. The bridge which rises up to 7 meters makes it possible to fit the school underneath the bridge-construction. Because the bridge builds the roof of the school, every side of the school-building is surrounded by light and space, preventing one side facing blind walls. A wide loop lifts the biker or pedestrian from the park entrance onto the roof of the gym. From there the journey continues through the treetops to a panoramic view. The shape of the building creates a safe and enclosed playground for the children and closes of the park from the canal. In this way the school and the schoolyard are clearly oriented towards the park. A minimum of space transformed into a multifunctional space with a maximum of facilities.




通过将结构整合到公园中,几乎整个公园和大部分旧树结构都可以幸免,同时可以重新组织成桥梁,学校和内城之间的连接点。通过这种方式,连贯的设计元素超越了乌得勒支城市结构中的多层功能。首先,它们是市中心,外围部分以及Leidsche Rijn镇之间的主要行人和骑自行车者的着名垫脚石。其次,该地区本身具有诗意特征,成为公共空间的新中心,所有世代都聚集在一起使用公园,桥梁和学校。桥梁旁边的新住房结构和维克多雨果公园支持这一发展。一块被遗忘的土地已经变成了一个充满公共生活的新地方。

Reconnecting the neighborhood
By integrating the structures into the park, almost the whole park and most of the old tree structure could be spared and at the same time become reorganized as a connecting link between the bridge, the school and the inner city. In this way the coherent design elements overtake a multilayered function within the city structure of Utrecht. Firstly they serve as a renowned stepping stone for the major amount of pedestrians and cyclists between the city center, the outer parts as well as the town Leidsche Rijn. Secondly the area itself develops a poetic character as a new hub of public space where all generations come together in their usage of the park, the bridge and the school. The new housing structures next to the bridge and the Victor Hugo Park support this development. A forgotten piece of land has been transformed into a new place full of public life.





Congenial cooperation
The shape of the building creates a safe and enclosed playground for the children. The wide side of the school closes of the park from the canal. The school and the schoolyard are clearly oriented towards the park. Because the building is narrower on the east side under the bridge, this is the most natural place for the main entrance. Aligned with the street, it is a visible place to kiss and ride.



地点:Victor Hugoplantsoen,乌得勒支,荷兰
合作伙伴:Next Architects和Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners Architecten

Location: Victor Hugoplantsoen, Utrecht, Nederland
completed: 2017
Client: Municipality of Utrecht
Partners: Next Architects and Rudy Uytenhaak + Partners Architecten


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