Metcalfe Architecture & Design:Metcalfe对Dow Chemical创始人HH Dow公司的这个项目充满了感情。这位创始人曾经在他心爱的苹果园工作时,参与过“开放式游戏”,所以梅特卡夫和客户想象了一个家庭游戏森林。游客们会遇到一系列“右脑”体验,包括开阔的田野和黑暗的森林。他们并不局限于停留在小径上;他们走得越多,就越接近自然,也就有了沉思的机会。

Metcalfe Architecture & Design:Metcalfe brought its sensibility to this project for the family of Dow Chemical’s founder, HH Dow. The founder once engaged in “open-ended play” while working in his beloved apple orchards, so Metcalfe and the client imagined a family play forest. Visitors encounter a series of “right-brained” experiences involving a progression of open fields and dark forests. They are not constrained to staying on trails; the more they wander, the closer they get to nature and opportunities for introspection.




Interconnected spaces and active zones include two bridges, an amphitheater, orchards, an expansive canopy walk, a nature play area, a visitor center, an art studio and a public program building.


平面图 Master Plan



Location: Midland, Michigan,USA


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