WaterScales arquitectos:我们研究了这个地方及其周围环境的行人流动性。由此提出一个中央公共花园的设计,作为一个“缓区”。对流动性和空间使用的研究提出的“限制流动”的形式。我们提出一个“流动的花园”概念。并建议修建围墙。

WaterScales arquitectos:We studied the pedestrian mobility of the place and its surroundings. A resulting central emptiness, a “slow area”, takes place. The study of mobility and the use of the spaces propose the form. It arises as a “limit of flows”. Therefore we propose a “garden of flows”. We propose building perimeters.




We have modified the existing levels of the land, to create a new topography which has been waved to the passage of the visitors. Vertical relief and existing edges have been eliminated to integrate the existing Church and allow pedestrian movements along the space.





We wished to revitalize the place. We proposed a garden, a place to go, a place to take a walk. Our senses will slip by their forms.





The vegetal species, covering the different dunes, have built a new Mediterranean landscape. They have not only been a constructive material. We also have used them in a didactic and perceptive way. The crawling and aromatic ones have been located in the inferior zones and access, the intermediate zone contains shrubs, small size trees and a spring. Water fills silently a white marble tear creating a mysterious corner. Finally, in the upper dune are large and colourful trees closing the view.






The garden transforms our perception. The closing, a colour gauze impregnated by the colourful garden, offers its perimeter to the city inviting to be experienced.





设计灵感 sketch Idea


平面图 Main Plan


立面图 1  Elevation 1


立面图 2  Elevation 2


墙立面 1  Elevation walls 1


墙立面 2  Elevation walls 2


剖面图 1  Section 1


剖面图 2  Section 2


剖面图 01 细节  Section 01 bis + details



建筑设计: Francisco J. del Corral (WaterScales) + Federico Wulff
景观: Ana Ibañez + Jorge Asencio

– Marcos Guardiola Martín. 建筑师
– Francisco Padilla Duran. 建筑学学生

建筑管理: Antonio Montes Sáez. 技术建筑师
建筑公司: EGOA S.L.
开发商: 格拉纳达市议会
照片: Fernando Alda
面积: 4,520平方米

Architects:  Francisco J. del Corral (WaterScales) + Federico Wulff
Landscape: Ana Ibañez + Jorge Asencio

– Marcos Guardiola Martín. Architect
– Francisco Padilla Duran. Architecture student

Construction management: Antonio Montes Sáez. Technical Architect
Building Company: EGOA S.L.
Developer: City Council, Granada
Photographs: Fernando Alda
Surface: 4,520 m2


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