Guymer Bailey Architects:体育场的游戏装置不像周围的其他游乐场。它建设在米尔顿标志性的网球体育场曾经矗立过的场地上,它的主题解构通过反映体育场空间的当代游戏场地来纪念历史。

Guymer Bailey Architects:The Arena Play Structure resembles no other playground around. Built on the grounds where the iconic Milton tennis stadium once stood, its theme deconstruction honours history with reminiscent contemporary play precincts that reflect stadium spaces.




The grandstand is brought to life with large precast concrete panels of varying heights and angles, suspended concrete slabs, angled steel struts, steel mesh tunnels and barriers, and angular folded roof canopies arranged in an arc to enclose a central lawn space. It even features a Commentary Box – a steel-mesh box suspended eight metres above the ground, offering greater thrill to playground goers.




While the Arena Play Structure provides play experience for all age groups and abilities, in contrast to recent design trends it specifically targets players of 10 to 15 years. Supplemented by theme-specific play elements and street art, the Arena Play Structure offers players slides, climbing walls, swings, nets and ropes, hang-out spaces, and interactive spaces designed to fuel their imagination.





完成时间: 2014年

Client:Brisbane City Council
Location:Brisbane, QLD
Project team:Rob Waddell, Ralph Bailey, Amy Waddell, Joel Sim, Scott Schindel, Joel Alcorn, Chloe Middleton
Photography:Scott Burrows Photography


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