James Corner Field Operations:Field Operations是高线公园设计和实施的项目牵头人。通过对现有结构的适应性重用,将保护和创新结合在一起,形成一个新的、引人注目的、独一无二的休闲娱乐和公共长廊。代表高铁线三分之一的部分,最近在铁路院内开放的最后一段是高铁线最具标志性的一段,可以看到哈德逊河和市中心天际线。第3部分建立在前几部分的认同和成功的基础上,并找到了新的方法来应对未来Hudson Yards截然不同的开发环境。

James Corner Field Operations:Field Operations is the project lead for the design and implementation of the High Line.  Preservation and innovation come together through the adaptive reuse of the existing structure into a new, compelling, one-of-a-kind recreational amenity and public promenade. Representing one-third of the High Line, the recently opened final section at the Rail Yards is one of the most iconic stretches of the High Line with expansive views of the Hudson River and the Midtown skyline. Section 3 builds upon the identity and success of previous sections, yet finds new ways to respond to the radically different context of the future Hudson Yards development.



高线公园设计是James Corner Field Operations(项目负责人)、Diller Scofidio + Renfro和Piet Oudolf的合作。这个占地6英亩的项目的客户是纽约和Friends of the High Line的私人公共合作伙伴。

The High Line design is a collaboration between James Corner Field Operations (Project Lead), Diller Scofidio + Renfro, and Piet Oudolf.  The Client for this 6 acre project is a private public partnership between The City of New York and Friends of the High Line.



摄影: Iwan Baan
地点: 美国,纽约州,纽约市,曼哈顿,High Line urban线性公园

Photography: Iwan Baan
Location: USA, New York State, New York City, Manhattan, High Line urban linear park

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