Starr Whitehouse:  在Hoboken易发洪水的一个角落,Starr Whitehouse带领一个由工程师、设计师和成本估算师组成的跨学科团队,设计了一个以雨水滞留系统为弹性核心的嵌入社区的城市公园。

Starr Whitehouse:  In a flood-prone corner of Hoboken, Starr Whitehouse led an interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers, and cost estimators to craft a resilient core of stormwater detention systems tucked into a community-designed urban park.


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总平面图  Master Plan

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设计分析  Analysis Diagrams

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Developed with residents in an intensive series of design workshops, the park’s interlocking social spaces enliven this former industrial neighborhood, enhancing the community that it defends. Densely planted rain gardens crossed by wood deck paths frame the park’s interior. A granite amphitheater accommodates scheduled and impromptu gatherings, stepping up to a grassy knoll ideal for soaking up the sun.

Photo © Starr Whitehouse Photo © Starr Whitehouse

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To capture stormwater, Southwest Park employs three coordinated systems: open-jointed pavers supported by tough, hollow tree cells infiltrate rainwater in paved areas of the park interior, filtering it through a gravel bed before it percolates into the soil; in unpaved areas of the park, water is soaked up by the grassy lawn or one of two large rain gardens, passing through sandy soils and native plants to filter out pollutants; finally, water from adjacent streets and sidewalks is channeled through vegetated bioswales in the public right of way, filtering through hardy plants and sandy soil that can withstand tough urban conditions.


Photo © Starr Whitehouse

Photo © Starr Whitehouse



During heavy storms, excess runoff is directed to three below ground detention basins. From here, an automated sensor allows controlled outflow into the combined sewer. All together, the park is capable of detaining up to 190,000 gallons, a volume far beyond the ten-year storm it was designed for.


Photo © Starr Whitehouse Photo © Starr WhitehousePhoto © Starr Whitehouse


A sculpted dog run creates a social node, while a perimeter pedestrian mall supports outdoor markets and food trucks.


Photo © Starr Whitehouse

摄影: Starr Whitehouse

Location: Hoboken, NJ, USA
Photography: Starr Whitehouse


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