奥雅 :初见场地,满眼尽是大型物流货车在马路上来回穿梭,空气中弥漫着飞扬的灰尘,市政道路几乎是辛安城市生活中唯一明亮的地方。在这种情景下不禁思考,应该如何从景观的角度带给人们一个全新的城市环境呢?

L&A:At the beginning of the site, the eyes were full of large logistics trucks shuttling back and forth on the road, the air was filled with flying dust, and the municipal road was almost the only bright place in Xin’ an city’s life. Under this situation, one cannot help thinking, How to bring people a new urban environment from the perspective of landscape?



现代生活中出现了很多新生概念和元素,这些新生元素代表着我们进入了一种全新的城市生活。奥雅设计运用了万科·V生活的概念,讲述了一个关于现代活力城市的故事,向人们展示了西海岸未来美好的城市生活。经过对场地区位背景交通周边人群等的彻底研究,提出关于未来城市生活的愿景: Valuable  Various Vibrant Vogue 四个以V开头的单词,象征着“有价值的、多元的、生机勃勃的、时尚的”活力智慧城市新生活。

There are many new concepts and elements in modern life. These new elements represent that we have entered a completely new urban life. L&A uses the concept of Vanke v life and tells a story about a modern dynamic city, showing people the beautiful city life of the west coast in the future. After study of the location and background of the traffic surrounding people, etc., this paper puts forward a vision for future urban life: the four v – beginning words which symbolize the ” valuable, diversified, vibrant and fashionable” new life of a dynamic and intelligent city.




The light spot on the ground around the light tower reflects the active atmosphere of the city square, making the square’s activities lively and infectious. It is not so easy to find cases, draw sketches, determine forms, come up with plans, and then implement them later. Streamlined design, steel plate thickness, perforation size and gradual change, how light changes and how people interact with each other … all of this has undergone repeated deliberation and deduction.




Vitality interface

Walk out of the growing garden, Along the reflection of the building in the water, Walking through the smooth tree pool, which is the city’s v – walk. The tree pool has separated the roaring vehicle noise and flying dust, creating a comfortable and relaxing stroll space.



The people in the building and the people walking in the building can see each other in the beautiful scenery. Landscape design opens up the original heavy urban greening interface and creates a multi-experience and multi-functional space for future commercial leisure space in combination with site height difference.






Future city reception hall, brand new focus

Following the trail, The city reception hall will be pleasantly surprised. The city reception hall is a unique image display axis. The exhibition interface near the road is equipped with the logo waterscape of Vanke honor of the city to create a clear feeling of arrival at the site.



Undergrowth space is a place where people interact. egg-shaped transparent seats are scattered everywhere, which adds some interest to the city’s nightlife.






Return to childhood

Cross the square and come to the growth garden that focuses on children’s recreation. The children can enjoy playing here and adults can also find their children’s hearts and explore the fun of elastic nets. The enclosed space design allows children to focus on enjoying good family time, and also provides parents with a cool place to take care and rest. the outer seats on one side are unique and are a comfortable space for communication.





V sports factory for future experience

V sports factory has the functions of sports and parking, and becomes the creative experience of city life in the future. Setting up a parking area with sports as its theme echoes the future business format of the area and conveys a healthy and dynamic future lifestyle. In addition to the convenient and fast parking route, a humanized parking theme space has been set up. female parking spaces and disabled parking spaces are distinguished by different colors and scales, so that each visitor can realistically receive the humanistic care and quality of life brought about by the design.


总平面图  Master Plan





Different landscape functions have given people diverse experiences and exquisite humanistic care, making the “honor of the city” located in Xin’ an become a living sample of dynamic cities on the west coast. The landscape closely combines the project theme, which embodies the concept of the city’s dynamic life circle and the dream blueprint of the west coast human settlement cover in the future.


景观设计:奥雅设计 青岛公司 项目二组

Project name: Qingdao Vanke HONOR OF THE CITY landscape design
Project location: Huangdao,Qingdao
Project type: landscape design
Area: 11241 square meters
Construction area: 841 square meters
Landscape area: 10400 square meters
Customer name: Qingdao zhongke Jianxin real estate co., ltd.
Landscape design: L&A Design  Qingdao company  project group 2
Design time: September 2017
Completion date: may 2018