studio on site星野度假村是自1904年创业之后,拥有百年历史的轻井泽度假区。这次的计划是为了重新认识百年而开始的。4.3ha的用地不一定是风光明媚的风景,而是想成为这里建造的游览胜地本身就是有价值的风景,形成了山谷的村落。外部,也考虑到内部空间也成为建筑的雁行部署,胡同的眺望,闭上双眼,水面森林举行节奏用地内多达30米,高低差的演出,缝隙的缺阵,很多变化多端的途径和那条小路等,动线密进行计划和视线的计划,散步,房间和阳台眺望的快乐等,所有的空间会导致长期滞留而著称的目标。

studio on siteShino resort is a century-old qingjingze resort area since it started its business in 1904. This time the plan was started in order to renew our understanding of the century. 4.3 ha’s land is not necessarily a beautiful scenery, but a scenic spot to be built here is itself a valuable scenery, forming a valley village. Outside, it is also considered that the internal space has also become a wild goose-tailed deployment of the building. the hutong looks out, closes its eyes, the water surface forest holds up to 30 meters of rhythm land, high and low performance, the gap is absent, many varied ways and the path, etc., the moving line is closely planned and the line of sight is planned, the walking, the pleasure of looking out from the room and balcony, etc. all the space will lead to the goal of being famous for staying for a long time.



Project name: Hoshinoya karuizawa
Location:  Japan
Scale: 42,055㎡
Completed: 2005-07
Client: 株式会社星野リゾート

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