Lanscape architects 49 :Indigo Hotel酒店位于充满有趣历史的无线道路上。 这条公路是在拉玛六世国王统治期间修建的,这条公路贯穿泰国的第一个无线电报站,后来在路上被命名。

Lanscape architects 49 :The Indigo Hotel is situated on Wireless road that is full of interesting history. The road was built during the reign of King Rama the 6th which cut through Thailand’s first wireless telegraph station, which later on the road was named after.





The landscape concept is ‘Nostalgia’ which meant to tell the stories of this road and to represent interesting characters of wireless telegraph, also to combine the classic and stylish aspect of that era.

Landscape space was very limited due to the size of the land and the already compact 1,700 square meter of overall space, therefore the landscape must be wisely designed and brought out the attractiveness in each of its elements such as road, boundary wall etc.

Photos by W Workspace

景观:Lanscape architects 49
开发商 : IHG

Project name: Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road
Location: Bangkok,Thailand
Completed: 2015
Client :IHG
landscape: Lanscape architects 49

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