Sinato Inc:在这个装置中,我们的目标不是照亮一个物体或显示光源,而是创造一个由光的中间状态定义的环境。展览区与其说是一个室内空间,不如说是一个像地形一样的环境,许多OLED面板提供的柔和光线注入了这个空间,形成了一个巨大的“光景观”。通过使用一个详细的灯光控制程序,创造了一个有变化的空间。

Sinato Inc:In this installation, our goal is not to illuminate an object or display a source of light, but to create an environment defined by an intermediate condition of light. The exhibition area is not so much an interior, but an environment like a landform where the soft light provided by many OLED panels infuses the space, forming a large ‘light-scape’. Through the use of a detailed light control program, a space with shifting changes is created.




We hope that the act of moving through a landscape permeated with light provides a new experience of lighting that is richer than a purely visual one.



完成日期: 2013年4月
地点: 意大利米兰
分类: 装置艺术
面积: 161,98平方米
照明设计: Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design_Izumi OKAYASU
纺织品:Yoko Ando Design_Yoko ANDO
摄影师: Takumi OTA


Completion: Apr.2013
Location: Milano Italy
Use: installation
Area: 161,98m²
Client: KANEKA
Lighting design: Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design_Izumi OKAYASU
Textile : Yoko Ando Design_Yoko ANDO
Construction: NOMURA
Photographer: Takumi OTA

SDA AWARD 47th (Japan)
Sign Design Encouragement Award
DSA Space Design AWARD 2013 (Japan)
Space Design Excellence Award
FRAME / THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD 2013 (Netherlands) [Show & Sell] Nominee
DESIGN FOR ASIA 2014 (Hong Kong) Silver Award

ELLE DECOR Jun.2013 (Japan)
SHINKENCHIKU Jun.2013 (Japan)
Annual of Space Design in Japan 2014 (Japan)
Arredamento Mimarlik Jan.2014 (Turkey)
arhitext Aug.2015(Romania)


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