2.ink studio:Jackie Husen Park代表Tualatin Hills公园和休闲区的下一代小型社区公园。 作为通往较大的Jordon Park自然区的门户,Jackie Husen Park既可以保护和保护Cedar Mill Creek现有的生态多样性,也可以作为当地社区聚集和游玩的场所。该公园包括一个开放的足球场和活跃的社区游乐场,一条步行道,带野餐桌和烧烤架的野餐棚以及适合不同年龄段的宽敞游乐场。 一个18车位的停车场可容纳游客使用公园设施以及通过约旦公园自然区进入未来社区步道的游客。 在停车场和步行道上安装了渗透性铺路作为公园的众多可持续特征之一。

2.ink studio:Jackie Husen Park represents the next generation of small neighborhood parks in the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. As a gateway into the larger Jordon Park natural area, Jackie Husen Park functions both to preserve and protect the existing ecological diversity of Cedar Mill Creek and as a place for the local community to gather and play.The park includes an open field for soccer and active community play, a walking trail, picnic shelter with picnic tables and grills and a generous playground accommodating diverse age groups. An 18-car parking lot accommodates visitors using park amenities as well as those accessing the future community trail through the Jordan Park natural area. Permeable paving was installed at the parking lot and walking trails as one of the park’s many sustainable features.


2.ink Studio领导了一个多学科团队,包括土木,电气和结构工程,以及自然资源评估和岩土工程顾问。

2.ink Studio led a multi-disciplinary team including civil, electrical, and structural engineering, as well as natural resource assessment and geotechnical consultants.



客户:Tualatin Hills Park&Recreation District

Location: Washington County, OR
Client: Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District


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