HWA:The design team believes that the carrier of ocean culture for thousands of years expressed the humanity of Zhoushan . The people who is living there originated from mountains and grew up in the sea since ancient times. This should be the breakthrough point in their design ideas.


总平面图  Master Plan



The arrival space, the front court space of the sales office, and the space between the sample rooms. From the perspective of overall movement, we hope it is a progressive process of emotion and experience.The customers are mostly newly rich and newly born in the internet age, tradition is more symbolic expression in their concepts, and the current life is the key element that everyone pays more attention to. Therefore, ” regional context and modern landscape” become the support and starting point of this project design.



Front court space, what you can see is design, what you can’t see is life. Let’s simply explain sincere feelings, deal with the environment through compromise, and make life more elegant and relaxed through art.



Color and hard landscape in the design of this experience area, elegant and fashionable grey has become the facade keynote of landscape, interior and architecture. The effect after completion also shows that the common choice of the three parties has created a rare continuity in the visit experience.


Plants and soft landscape, plants first meet the seasonal demand of open display in summer, and plants of the current season are selected on point-view flowering trees and ground covers. The overall richness is also promoted step by step. Reach the space to continue the comfort created by the large amount of green in the municipal green space with uniform evergreen plants.



Materials, in the choice of materials, must first continue the overall fine and elegant tone. It is also hoped that there will be some innovation. Trying to innovate means risks, colors, seams, surface treatment, weather resistance and dry hanging joints need to be reconsidered.



Light, if the content on the drawing is a success, then a bit of sunset shining on the room through a gap in the grass steps can be wonderful. The application of natural light in this project has been fully considered in design. We have considered the hierarchical treatment of using low shrubs in height difference handover, indoor edge and corner facade.



To show the scene and lasting appeal in the designer’s mind, the ingenious detail design is very important. Landscape design considered the integrity, and examined the progressive layout. The changes in the landscape design included smoothness, obstruction, and tension in space, thus bringing more association and emotion to people. All kinds of clever use of natural scenery, combining architecture with natural scenery.



Under the wonderful power of nature, the straight lines of the building are gently dissolved. The landscape design has just weakened the hale and hearty architectural lines and continuously changed with different times and angles, bringing pleasant and comfortable space of scale. Taking advantage of the rugged terrain, the right-angled streamlines are drawn at the entrance with modern design methods, and the mountains are taken from the facade with ups and downs. The tiny reed lights are tightly and neatly installed in the gravel veneer. The residents entered the exhibition area with the scenery that makes people relaxed and happy. All the pressure and annoyance were released, and they walked home, feeling warm and peaceful.




Location: Zhoushan, Zhejiang,China
Client: Sunac China Holdings Limited
Project area: 1093 ㎡
Completion date: June 2018
Landscape design:HWA
Design team: Fang lijian, Fang Guan, Zhang Xiujuan, Huang zhetao, Liu wanhong
Photo provide :HWA
Text editor: Fang lijian
Landscape photography: Chen Guanyu