Kontum IndochineCafé咖啡厅是位于越南中部Kontum市的Dakbla河畔的酒店综合体。毗邻达克布拉桥(Dakbla Bridge),通往Kontum市的门户,自助餐厅为酒店客人提供早餐,晚餐和茶点。它还作为婚礼的半户外宴会厅。

The Kontum Indochine Café is a hotel complex on the banks of the Dakbla River in Kontum, central Vietnam. Adjacent to the Dakbla Bridge, the gateway to Kontum, the buffet restaurant serves breakfast, dinner and refreshments for hotel guests. It also serves as a semi-outdoor ballroom for the wedding.


The café is located at the corner and consists of two main elements: a large horizontal roof with a bamboo structure and an annex kitchen made of concrete frames and stones.主楼有一个由浅人造湖包围的矩形图案。所有海拔都向空中敞开:南立面面向达喀布拉河沿岸的主要街道,东面到服务街,西面一个餐厅,属于酒店综合体和北面的宴会大楼,供应咖啡厅的附楼。通过在竹屋顶下提供阴影,最大限度地提高湖面水面的冷气流,即使在热带气候下,露天的室内空间也不用空调而成功运行。屋顶被纤维增强塑料板和茅草覆盖。半透明的合成面板部分地暴露在天花板中,以在屋顶下方的空间的深中心提供自然光。

The main building has a rectangular pattern surrounded by a shallow man-made lake. All elevations are open to the air: the south façade faces the main street along the Dakarbul River, the east side to the service street, and the west is a restaurant that belongs to the hotel complex and the banquet building to the north, serving the annex of the café. By providing shadows under the bamboo roof to maximize the cold airflow over the surface of the lake, even in tropical climates, the open-air interior space does not operate successfully with air conditioning. The roof is covered with fiber reinforced plastic sheets and thatch. The translucent composite panel is partially exposed to the ceiling to provide natural light in the deep center of the space below the roof. 主楼的屋顶由15个反锥形单元组成的纯竹结构支撑。这些专栏的形式灵感来自于越南传统的一个越来越多的钓鱼篮,它们从顶部向底部逐渐变窄。这个开放的结构最大限度地增加了夏天期间进入建筑物的风量,同时在大风季节抵抗暴风雨。从咖啡厅,酒店的客人可以欣赏到壮丽的全景,还有竹拱形拱形的达克布拉河(Dakbla River)。竹柱创造了一个内衬,给人一种竹林的印象,显示了从咖啡馆看到的山脉连续性。

The roof of the main building is supported by a pure bamboo structure consisting of 15 anti-taper units. The form of these columns is inspired by an increasingly traditional fishing basket in Vietnam that narrows from the top to the bottom. This open structure maximizes the amount of wind entering the building during the summer and resists the storm during the windy season. From the café, guests of the hotel can enjoy spectacular panoramic views and the arched arched Dakbla River. The bamboo column creates a lining that gives the impression of a bamboo forest showing the continuity of the mountains seen from the cafe. 该项目的挑战是尊重竹子的本质,为竹子创造独特的空间。竹材的特性与木材或钢材不同。如果木材或钢结构的细节和施工方法适用于竹结构,竹子的优势可能受损。例如,使用钢结接头可以消除竹结构的成本效益。钢针接头会产生太多的局部负荷,这对于竹子来说是不合适的,这往往会受到弯曲。在这种情况下,我们使用传统的处理方法(浸泡在泥土和吸烟)来治疗竹子,我们使用适合竹结构的低科技联合细节(叮咬和竹钉)。 Kontum市的列在其架设之前进行预制,以达到适当的质量和准确性。

The challenge of the project is to respect the nature of bamboo and create a unique space for bamboo. The characteristics of bamboo are different from wood or steel. If the details and construction methods of the wood or steel structure are applied to the bamboo structure, the advantages of the bamboo may be impaired. For example, the use of steel joints eliminates the cost-effectiveness of bamboo structures. Steel pin joints produce too much local load, which is not suitable for bamboo, which tends to be bent. In this case, we use traditional treatment methods (soaked in soil and smoking) to treat bamboo, and we use low-tech joint details (bite and bamboo nails) that are suitable for bamboo structures. The Kontum City is prefabricated prior to its erection to achieve the proper quality and accuracy.

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