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Design Network Associates:作为九州产业大学办学50周年的纪念,校园景观的更新改造分为几个阶段进行,花费了数年的时间。 在这个项目中,不再是从以往的校园风景中看到的形式角度出发,不再强调“九州产业大学的女性气质”而是强调“九州产业大学独特性”。 特别是九州产业大学具有丰富的自然、高低差的地形、横穿校园的水路等特征环境,希望在充分利用这些环境中,创造一个让学生们充满热情的校园景观。 另外,在整个项目中,以“连接”为主题展开,旨在让建筑和景观、广场和广场、人和人连接起来,校园景观整体成为一个向室外扩展的“学生休息室”。

Design Network Associates:Kyushu Sangyo University establishment 50 took place in stages, as a commemoration of the anniversary of the redevelopment of the campus landscape over the years. As a formality found in a traditional campus landscape in this project, and the format, not the “Kyushu Sangyo University femininity” that focuses on “such as the”Kyushu Sangyo University unique perspective. I think a suggestion like the hustle and bustle of students filling environment utilizing them, has the characteristic of environment Canal across the campus, in particular, Kyushu Sangyo University has a rich nature, the difference between the high and low terrain, such as in the campus landscape. Also expected to be “student lounge” throughout the project and expand on the theme “connecting”, like link building and landscape, square and square, people, outdoor spread campus and landscape environment.



通过用与人行走的道路相应的平缓曲线描绘铺装和草坪的边界线,在确保动线功能的同时,提供了多种活动的场所。 以治水、排水为目的而利用的水路,作为绿色包围的亲水空间,成为校园的新魅力。 位于广场中央的圆形藤架通过根据脚下的功能缓慢地改变宽度,柔软地提示了校园的中心点。 以藤架为中心的中央广场通过将动线空间和滞留空间一体化,成为各种活动混合的自然空间。

Central Square – intersection blend a variety of activities
Place of diverse activities and ensuring the circulation feature by drawing in a gradual curve the line between pavement and lawn walk, people pathway provides at the same time. Was used for flood control and drainage channel is a new attractive campus and as waterfront space surrounded by green. Pergola in the circle at the center of the square is gradually changing the width depending on the capabilities of the legs, the present Campus Center and the foundation tender. Central Square centered on the Pergola becomes spontaneously mix a variety of activities by changing line spaces and places, and to unify the space.



将学校当初狭窄而陡峭的坡道设为有楼梯的行人专用空间,反复促进人流。 一边保留现有的樱花、银杏、桃树等大树,一边追加绣球花等植物,使其成为感受四季的树阴安静休息的场所。

Square of slope – A quiet resting place to connect history
The original narrow and steep ramp of the school was set as a pedestrian space with stairs, which repeatedly promoted the flow of people. Keep the existing trees such as sakura, ginkgo and peach trees, and add some plants such as hydrangea flowers to make it a place to feel the quiet rest of the shade in the four seasons.



梯田广场 – 新的校园地形
广场利用现有的高差,形成了图形化、令人印象深刻的梯田。 梯田是提供多种场所的滞留空间,作为动线功能的楼梯横穿其中。 梯田和楼梯形成了一体的“地形”,其“地形”根据看到的角度呈现出各种各样的风景。 梯田广场一边充分利用当初的地形,一边向附加了新功能和魅力的空间再生。

Terraces square – new terrain of the campus
The square uses the existing height difference to form a graphical and impressive terrace. Terraces are spaces for staying in various places, and stairs serving as moving lines pass through them. Terraces and staircases form an integrated ” terrain” which presents various landscapes according to the angle of view. Terraced square makes full use of the original terrain while regenerating the space with new functions and charm.




North approach square – spread activity as follows
North square is mainly a space for moving lines. it is planned to make full use of the broad streets and can also be used as a detention space during the school garden festival. Combined with the straight-line setting of streets, we have implemented the paving mode of fine color matching and the flower-shaped sitting stool around the existing trees, making it a comfortable space with affinity.





Location: Fukuoka,Japan
Size: 20000㎡
Design time: 2010.06-2011.09
Construction time: 2012.03

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