AECOM :Liberty公园是以世界贸易中心区为中心的64,000平方英尺(1.5英亩)的屋顶公园。公园位于该区车辆检测中心的顶部,作为一个公开访问的社区开放空间,前往911国家纪念碑前所未有的景色。

AECOM :Liberty Park is a 64,000 square foot (1.5 Acre) roof-top park centered within the World Trade Center District. The park is situated on top of the district’s vehicle screening center and serves as a publicly accessible community open space with unprecedented views to the 911 National Memorial.



Considering the site’s relatively small footprint and the needs of multiple stakeholder groups, a balance between circulation and programming was carefully developed to maximize a park-like feel in this highly urban neighborhood. Lush pockets of greenery and seasonal plantings unfold along a series of gently sloped ramps and stepped garden spaces, creating the experience of walking along an ‘elevated promenade’. The primary path through the site winds up nearly 32 feet in above grade and meets ADA accessibility requirements.





The site is organized by a series of sculptural, precast planters. Characterized by a distinct faceted geometry, the planters are asymmetrically arranged in drifts across the site, like a field of scattered diamonds, bringing sharp definition to the site’s layout and circulation. As users walk through the park, the planters appear in a cascade, creating meandering view sheds and intimate ‘garden rooms’ that provide space for both larger gatherings and moments of intimacy. Each element is tilted, providing integrated seating on the raised side and a lush display of vegetation on the low side. Smaller planters anchor the edges of the park, doubling as both seasonal planting gardens and spacious sun lounges.

Along the north side of the park, an amphitheater and a 200 foot long overlook allow visitors to take in one-of-a-kind views of the NYC’s iconic World Trade Center District. The relaxed, intimate atmosphere of the park and the gentle sounds of the 911 Memorial Pools beyond create a tranquil respite for the local community and visitors alike.