Lutsko Associates:该设计使一个长满野草的池塘,变成了一个令人喜欢的家庭聚会的地方。两个弧形混凝土墙划定了水的界限,“框”住了一池水,创造了一个相邻的活动空间。大片大片乡土草类形成的草丛和精心种植的橡树与周围的群山营造了一种健康和谐生态的环境。景观设计师做了一些控制,使用简单的雕塑介入景观,营造了一个恢复生态美丽的景观框架。

Lutsko Associates:The design turned a pond full of weeds into a favorite place for family gatherings. The two curved concrete walls delimit the water. the ” frame” encloses a pool of water and creates an adjacent movable space. Large areas of grass and carefully planted oak trees formed by native grasses and surrounding mountains have created a healthy and harmonious ecological environment. Landscape designers have made some controls and used simple sculptures to intervene in the landscape, creating a landscape framework to restore ecological beauty.



” every intention of the landscape designer has been realized in a gentle way in this project. the exquisite and graceful wall surface serves as a pond wall and adds a sense of sculpture at the same time. ”





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