Miguel Angel Aragonés :这块土地,位于海岸线中间,大片海洋的盒子描绘着宇宙的无边无际。这是一个最纯粹,最简约的景观,一个视野可以画出来。在任何一方,这种梦幻般的风景与人类认为是美学相结合。

Miguel Angel Aragonés :This land is located in the middle of the coastline. the vast ocean box depicts the boundless universe. This is the purest and simplest landscape, and a vision can be drawn. On either side, this dreamy landscape is combined with what human beings think is aesthetics.



总平面图  Master Plan




The combination of the lights on the wall and the warm spot-like lights on the road with the mirror water created an endless dream.



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