MiCasa Vol.C是一个单独的开放空间,它完成了圣保罗现有的家具商店综合体。这个综合体包括原有的商店Vol.A、Vol.B,以及2007年由mk27工作室设计的附属建筑物,现在的这个新空间叫做Vol.C。

MiCasa Vol.C is a single open space that completes the existing furniture store complex in São Paulo. The complex consists of the original store, Vol.A, the annex designed by studio mk27 in 2007, Vol.B, and now the new space called Vol.C.



对灵活计划活动的需求创造了一个内部空间,有多种用途:商店、展览空间或受邀艺术家的临时住所,以及一个适合空间的大篷车。得到的空间是15x 15m的平面图,天花板高度为7.5m。一盏野口勇(Isamu Noguchi)的吊灯,打破了空间的双重对称,探索了空间的垂直维度。

The demand for a flexible program led to the creation of an internal space that allowed for several possible uses: shop, exhibition space or temporary residence for invited artists, on a caravan that fits inside the space. The resulting space is a 15x15m floor plan with a 7,5m ceiling height. An Isamu Noguchi’s pendant lamp punctuates the double symmetry of the space and explores its vertical dimension.




For the construction of a light pavilion, the studio adopted a wood structural system, continuing studio mk27’s recent research on the subject and suitable for a clean and fast construction.




A succession of glued laminated timber frames overcomes almost 15m spans. Every two modules, in the upper plane, steel rods are used for bracing the structure.




A substructure supports the skin of the building and creates a gap between the plane of the façade and the pillars. This distance reinforces the reading of the rhythm and of the simple fittings of the wooden elements.


与Vol.A金属结构的“直度”和Vol.B暴露的混凝土相比,Vol.C 似乎轻轻地飘离地面,像一盏日本灯笼。

Contrasting with the “straightness” of the metal structure of Vol.A and the brutalist exposed concrete of Vol.B, Vol.C seems to float off the ground gently, like a Japanese lantern.




The building’s envelope is made of folded sheets of two different materials: translucent polycarbonate in the upper half and a white metal plate in the lower one. During the day, the shadows of surrounding trees are projected onto the façade, bringing the poetic movement of light and nature into the inner space.



项目名称:micasa vol.C
建筑设计:studio MK27建筑事务所
建筑师:marcio kogan
联合建筑师:marcio tanaka
项目团队成员:carlos costa、diana radomysler、laura guedes、mariana ruzante、mariana simas、oswaldo pessano、raquel reznicek、renata furlanetto、samanta cafardo、tamara lichtenstein
摄影:fernando guerra

Project name: micasa vol.c
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time: May 2015 — February 2018
Site area: 460m2
Construction area: 230m2
Architectural design: studio MK27 architectural firm
Architect: marcio kogan
Associate architect: marcio tanaka
Project team members: carlos costa, Diana radomysler, Laura guedes, mariana ruzante, mariana simas, oswaldo pessano, raquel reznicek, renata furlanetto, samanta cafardo, tamara lichtenstein
Photography: fernando guerra


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