Broadhurst + Associates :建筑和景观如何相互连接? 该项目的建筑是一个时尚,理性的中世纪现代住宅。 它庆祝与汽车的连接。 它支持现代性作为生活方式的想法。 以开放,通风的品质,轻松地放在地上。 这里现代性为景观提供了一个机会,使其成为一种相反的品质 – 一个泥土化的平衡。 从这种动态关系,客户对生活方式的看法得到扩大。

Broadhurst + Associates :How do architecture and landscape connect with one another? The project’s architecture is a sleek, rational mid-century modern residence. It celebrates a connection with the car. It espouses the idea of modernity as lifestyle. With an open, airy quality, it rests on the ground lightly. Here modernity presents an opportunity for landscape to be an opposing quality – an earthy, grounded counterbalance. From this dynamic relationship, the clients’ perspective on lifestyle is expanded.





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