Lanscape architects 49 :该公园位于Saraburi省Thap Kwang地区Mittraphap公路附近,这里以前是一片果树林,但是由于人类的破坏,这里的土地条件变得很差。在该项目中,设计师们希望能够创造一个教育性的公园环境,提高人们保护自然环境的意识,同时能够为附近居民和游客们提供一个休闲放松的场所,增进人们之间的友谊,这对于整个城市的发展都有很重要的意义。

Lanscape architects 49 :The park is located near mittraphap highway in thap kwang area, Sara buri province. it used to be a fruit tree forest, but due to human destruction, the land conditions here became very poor. In this project, designers hope to create an educational park environment and raise people’s awareness of protecting the natural environment. at the same time, they can provide a relaxing place for nearby residents and tourists and promote the friendship between people. this is of great significance to the development of the whole city.




The construction of the park has achieved great success, which is also inseparable from the local characteristic industries and market environment. The public facilities in the park are very sound, including toilets, coffee shops, shops, temporary and permanent commercial stalls, providing a place for local peddlers to sell local specialty products. This is not only a landscape park, but also more like an agricultural garden. parks full of local characteristics are welcomed by people.




Our main concept from site planning to landscape architectural design were to use the Tub Kwang vernacular landscape as a main landscape scene which embrace the Thai style layout of the community centre / market place of the local’s ‘Baan Lom Lan’ and preserve the existing trees.

The ecological sustainable concepts were used extensively throughout the site in all aspects of the landscape design from layout site plan to locate all facilities and buildings from functional and aesthetic approach. Natural surface drainage runoff ,together with the owner’s product of pervious pavement, are to promote the water to charge back to the aquifer in the collecting swale and only the overflow that will carry through a minimum of laid inlet to fill in the big created pond.




One of a very important message is in our selection of plant materials which are very common vernaculars plants that many are recognized as weed. They will be used to show it natural beauty potential to the eyes of the local as well as the big city dweller not to overlook them no matter how common they and wish people will nurture and preserve such common beauty.

景观:Lanscape architects 49

Location: Thailand
Completed: 2014
Landscape: Lanscape architects 49

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