Naman Retreat酒店设计为现代而宁静的热带绿色度假村。在3.4ha的区域,任务是协调80个平房,酒店,6个VIP别墅和20个别墅。度假村的概念是为自然环境友好的客人提供身体和精神治疗,包括水疗,瑜伽,沙滩运动等健康活动。为了实现一个完美的气氛,让客人最大程度的身心清洁和放松,度假村是由绿色,天然石和竹子的和谐组合设计的。

Naman Retreat is designed as a modern and tranquil tropical green resort. In the 3.4ha area, the mission is to coordinate 80 bungalows, hotels, 6 VIP villas and 20 villas. The resort’s concept is to provide physical and mental treatments for nature-friendly guests, including health activities such as spa, yoga and beach sports. In order to achieve a perfect atmosphere and to maximize the cleansing and relaxation of the guests, the resort is designed by a harmonious combination of green, natural stone and bamboo.


The conference hall is the first building in the resort facility and can be seen as the guest approaches. The hall can accommodate up to 300 people and can hold meetings, lectures, concerts, conferences and other occasions. It is a rectangular rectangular hall with rectangular roof. The vaulted bamboo structure gives the building an iconic and impressive look. The building consists of 2 parallel spaces; a closed hall and an open corridor. The exterior corridor is also an outdoor hall, welcoming guests.


The main bearing structure is a bamboo frame, which has a hallway of 13.5 meters, a corridor of 4 meters and a roof height of 9.5 meters. The arched impression is caused by the curved bamboo that is part of the main structure. Due to the positioning of the rearwardly inclined glass facade, the three frames of the arched structure are external and open the entrance when the space welcomes the guest as a foyer.


在这个建筑中有两种竹子。对于直柱,“龙”竹被选择,其长度可达800米。对于拱门,“Tam Vong”竹子由于其灵活性而被使用。该设计遵循每种类型的功能,以最有效的方式组合它们。

There are two kinds of bamboo in this building. For straight columns, the “Dragon” bamboo is chosen to be up to 800 meters in length. For arches, the “Tam Vong” bamboo is used for its flexibility. The design follows each type of function and combines them in the most efficient way.


The reason for using bamboo as the main raw material comes from the requirements of customers who want to have a simple and large open space, providing different functional flexibility for reasonable construction costs and rapid construction progress. Bamboo can provide all of these features. It is a local and affordable material that works very fast because of the prefabrication of the frame on the ground. This method of construction has proven to be very effective and it allows for better control of construction.

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