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A U N design studio: NAVANA是由Nava + Nirvana两个词组合而成的。Nava意思是一艘船,Nirvana则代表着天堂或和平的地方。Nirvana也是佛教的最终目标——从痛苦中解脱出来。因此NAVANA代表了“一个可以看到船只的和平海岸”。

A U N design studio: NAVANA is formed by the combination of 2 words Nava + Nirvana. While Nava means a boat, Nirvana defines heaven or a peaceful place. Nirvana is also the final goal of Buddhism, to be released from suffering. NAVANA thus represents “a peaceful coast with a view of boats”.




总平面图  Master Plan



Located on the left side of Pattaya-Naklua road, NAVANA welcomes you with the triangle area, the front part of the project. This public space has a concept of a house’s front yard. It is also a space for the second phase development area. The 2 story-reception building awaits there in the front, as an open gate, to welcome all guests.


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Entering inside, walking from the car park through the reception lobby, the winding bridge over the monsoon inspired pond leads to a 360 degree open-view restaurant. This main restaurant resides by the beautiful beach and a big ancient Bodhi tree, which has been there for more than 100 years.


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As this project is designed under the nature preservation concept, the scattered shading trees all over the land are kept. The building walls are twisted to harmonize the environment.


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The hotel blends itself into the nature with the free from main pool, the winding pathways along shrubs and trees all over the project. Adding the brown and indigo tone, the ropes and wood materials in the architecture and the interior design, one can rest and relax in this peaceful hotel with the harmony of nature.


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All the cozy buildings have ocean views. Some of them are twisted to surround the big Bodhi tree. A couple of story-building villas designed for special guests who require their own privacy, are also located under a hundreds year-old banyan tree.


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The project designer said as follows:




“As an architect who has designed this project, the first time I went to survey the location of the project. what I saw there really amazed me. There were no tourists on the beach, no beach umbrellas, no jet skis nor speed boats. The place have changed my image of Pattaya beach completely.

What I could see was the native Pattaya. The old fishing deck and small fishing boats were there just in front of me. The villagers were walking slowly facing down looking for clam. Not so far above some gliding snowy egrets were looking for the same thing.




This place was still full of nature, even the beach were covered with beach morning glory and seagrass. Although stunned by the scenery, I still could sense the fresh breeze from the local wind the sound of the waves. The birds are chirping from the big Bodhi tree nearby.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, only 10 minutes away from the heart of Pattaya, the busy city full of sparkling lights and buildings, there existed such an extraordinary peaceful hideaway.”



地点: 泰国芭堤雅纳卢亚10号
项目年份: 2018年
面积: 15048平方米
建筑面积: 7536平方米

建筑: A U N design studio
结构工程: A U N design studio
系统工程: A U N design studio & RONNACHAI sirithanaratanakul & EKKASIT RUKSAKULKIATTI

室内[天空大厅酒吧]: A U N design studio
室内[餐厅]: A U N design studio
室内[房间]设计理念: A U N design studio
室内[客房]设计开发: Lalida & Co
室内[大厅] : Lalida & Co

景观总体规划: A U N design studio
景观规划: A U N design studio
景观建设: Vista pagoda

摄影团队: W Workspace

Location: Naklua 10, Pattaya, Thailand
Project year: 2018
Land : 15,048  sq.m
Building  Area : 7,536  sq.m

Architecture: A U N design studio
Structure engineer: A U N design studio & SITICHOKE SIRIVIVAT

Interior [sky lobby bar]: A U N design studio
Interior [restaurant]: A U N designstudio
Interior [rooms] Design Concept: A U N design studio
Interior [rooms] Design Developed: Lalida & Co
Interior [lobby]: Lalida & Co

Landscape Master Plan: A U N designstudio & Chaiyasit-Nalin butkham
Landscape Planning: A U N designstudio & Chaiyasit-Nalin butkham
Landscape Developed: Vista pagoda

Photography Team: W Workspace


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