ATLAS Lab:旧金山的特点是山。它们造就了它的地标性建筑:科伊特塔(Coit Tower)、诺布山(Nob Hill)和缆车。他们是他们划分城市的邻居的镜像。他们塑造了雾,把它从阳光灿烂的地区引导到其他地方。还有什么比了解旧金山的山更好的方式呢?——戴夫Schweisguth主管

ATLAS Lab:”San Francisco is defined by its hills. They give rise to, even are, its landmarks: Coit Tower, Nob Hill, the cable cars. They are the mirror image of the neighborhoods into which they divide The City. They shape the fog, guiding it away from sunny districts and into others. What better way to know San Francisco than to know its hills?” — Dave Schweisguth



6-atlaslab_tenbrink_garza_peakexperience 6-atlaslab_tenbrink_garza_peakexperience

从旧金山最多样化、最吸引人的社区的近53座山中,山顶体验将旧金山的山丘重新构思成一系列变化多端、起伏不平的山丘,这些山丘融合了多种用途,促进了游戏与传统街道模式的融合。山顶体验位于海滨休闲走廊的海滨,通过增加灵活的人行道区域,为市场街树立了强烈的特色,创造了一个活跃的走廊,支持互动的发现、玩耍和社区参与。针对旧金山景观的缺乏和静态街景元素的缺乏,Peak Experience提出了一个柔软灵活的人行道区域,试图引入一种可延展的街道类型,为不同的社区体验提供平台,同时教育旧金山地理的用户。

Drawing from the nearly 53 hills that frame San Francisco’s most diverse and engaging neighborhoods, Peak Experience reconceives the hills of SF into a series of varying and undulating mounds that frame a mix of uses that promote the integration of play into traditional street models. Situated along the stretch of Embarcadero and Fremont, Peak Experience builds upon the recreational corridor of the waterfront to establish a strong identity for Market Street through the augmentation of the flexible sidewalk zone to create an active corridor that supports interactive discovery, play and community engagement. Responding to the lack of views of SF’s landscape and often static streetscape elements, Peak Experience proposes a soft and flexible sidewalk zone that seeks to introduce a malleable street typology that provide a platform for varying community experiences, while educating users of SF geography.


6-atlaslab_tenbrink_garza_peakexperience 6-atlaslab_tenbrink_garza_peakexperience 6-atlaslab_tenbrink_garza_peakexperience




项目视频: Peak Experience
项目发起人: Miracle Play Systems 

Project Video: Peak Experience
Project sponsor: Miracle Play Systems
Location:San Francisco, CA


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