STIMSON STUDIOHardberger公园是为圣安东尼奥市设计一个311英亩的公园的国际竞赛的一部分。该公园以前是一个奶牛场,75%的土地用于保护和修复当地的自然景观,25%用于低冲击的娱乐活动。这包括保护传统的橡树,恢复林地和灌木丛,以及重新引入濒危植物,所有这些都与宽阔的步道系统、游乐场、运动场、野餐区和户外课堂融为一体。公园的概念是“培育的野生动物”,它诠释并融合了圣安东尼奥丰富的文化历史和该地区特有的多元而有弹性的生态。哈德伯格公园的总体规划于2008年5月由圣安东尼奥市议会完成并通过,在三个月内,IA期、IB期和II期同时进行设计。该公园自2010年以来一直在全市开放,目前正在建设一个城市生态中心。哈德伯格公园是德州公园发展史上的一个重要里程碑,它为拥抱郊区生态提供了一种新的模式,并已成为德州南部健康生活和可持续发展的活生生的实验室。

STIMSON STUDIOHardberger Park was created as part of an international competition to design a 311-acre park for the City of San Antonio. Previously operated as a dairy farm, the Park dedicates 75% of the site to preservation and restoration of the native landscape and 25% to low-impact recreation. This involves the preservation of heritage oaks, the restoration of woodlands and brush, and the reintroduction of the endangered oak savanna, all integrated with an expansive trail system, playfields, playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor classrooms. The concept of the Park as a ‘cultivated wild’ interprets and integrates the rich cultural history of San Antonio with the diverse and resilient ecologies that are native to the region. The Master Plan for Hardberger Park was completed and adopted by San Antonio’s City Council in May 2008, and within three months, Phases IA, IB, and II were simultaneously in design. The Park has been open for City-wide use since 2010, with an Urban Ecology Center currently under construction. Hardberger Park is an important milestone in the history of park-making in Texas, offers a new model for embracing suburban ecology, and has become a living laboratory for healthy living and sustainability in south Texas.


Photos by Casey Dunn,Charles Mayer,Stimson.

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