BCQ arquitectes: 这个项目的出发点是在巴塞罗那老城的公共开放空间系统中,Placa vila de Madrid起着特殊的作用。

BCQ arquitectes: The departure point for this project was the particular role of Placa vila de Madrid in the system of public open spaces in the old town of Barcelona.



总平面图  Master Plan



The design sets out to revitalize the square as an urban pedestrian space, respecting its individuality among the surrounding fabric of streets and plazas, and celebrating its archaeological site: a roman necropolis, one of the most important vestiges of the Roman Catalonia. The square is presented as a public urban garden: partly because it is the way to respond to their uniqueness archaeological site, in part to continue the same concept of the intervention, and finally in part because it was always imagined as a place different from the urban areas of commercial activity (sometimes frenetic) surrounding it.



该项目提议在与Carrer Canuda和广场东侧相同的水平上修建一片中央草地。这片土地上铺满了草,现存的大部分树木都被保存了下来。绿草如茵的表面慢慢向下倾斜至罗马墓地的高度。

The project proposed a central stretch of grass on the same level as Carrer Canuda and the eastern side of the square. This stretch is carpeted with grass and most of the existing trees were preserved. The grassy surface slopes gently down to the level of the Roman necropolis.




施工现场  Construction Site


剖面图  Section


日期: 1998-2003年
地点: 西班牙巴塞罗那
客户: 巴塞罗那维拉市议会
承包商: Vías y Construcciones SA  /  Construcciones y Servicios FAUS SA
预算: 1.100.971欧元
面积: 3.240平方米


Date: 1998-2003
Site: Barcelona
Client: Foment de Ciutat Vella, Barcelona City
Contractor: Vías y Construcciones SA  /  Construcciones y Servicios FAUS SA
Budget: 1.100.971€
Area: 3.240 m2

First Prize In Design Competition
Selected Work Fad Architecture Awards 2003


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