stgk所有开始在mufg工作的人。 每次来这个地方进修时,通过发现和注意,制作了能够遇到新的晴朗的作为“山丘”的院子。将“水平”( horizon )和“垂直”( vertical )作为较大构成计划的空隙空间。 面向各个方向重叠的脚踏板,为每个居住场所提供不同的景色,演出了感觉绿色、吃饭、对话、与一个人的行为联系和扩展的空间。 此外,刻在每层楼板上的、指向世界经济主要城市的名称及其方向的楼板模式表现了mufg在全球扩展活跃场所的愿景。 另一方面,在垂直方向上连接上下层的各层的绿色,作为一边引起一个人向高空的意识,一边将舒适的光和风送入建筑内部的环境过滤器发挥作用。

stgkAs a starting point of all people working in MUFG. Made the courtyard as the Hill each time this site visit training discovery and awareness, like meet a new vantage point.
(HORIZON) “horizontal” and “vertical” (VERTICAL) was planned as a large structure void space. Step floor facing various directions, overlapping provides views over different places, feel the Green, having snacks and conversation about ties with people act are relaxed. Also, the floor pattern indicating the name of the economic city carved into the floor of the floor and its direction represents an MUFG to broaden the playing field in global vision. Green floor, on the other hand, connecting the upper and lower floors vertically plays the role as the invite people’s consciousness to the sky, while soothing light and wind to carry into the building and environmental filters.







竣工: 2015年
占地面积: 7553平方米
拍摄:奥村浩司( forward stroke Inc.)

Completion: 2015
Location: Kanagawa Prefecture
Businesses: Mitsubishi
Land area: 7553 m²
Architectural design: Mitsubishi Jisho sekkei
Photography: Koji Okumura (Forward Stroke Inc.)
Business type: landscape design
Designer: Kumagai Xuan, Kuma Natsuko