TLS Landscape Architecture加利福尼亚的纳帕谷是葡萄种植的风水宝地,有两位艺术收藏者经营着一个珍贵的葡萄园,他们计划开一家要满足周末休憩的葡萄酒酿造厂。维多利亚式的农场基本能满足本土的需求,可是缺乏空间与锻炼的设施,而且无法提供娱乐和反思的需求。而未来的小酒厂必须要有足够的规划去应对车辆的停靠和空间的使用。

TLS Landscape ArchitectureNapa valley in California is a feng shui treasure land for grape cultivation. two art collectors operate a precious vineyard. they plan to open a winery for weekend rest. Victorian farms can basically meet local needs, but they lack space and exercise facilities and cannot provide entertainment and reflection. In the future, small wineries must have enough planning to deal with the parking of vehicles and the use of space.



The project is located on the most important section of the valley, extending southward and surrounded by forest-covered slopes. The towering trees once again rising on the slope submerged the steps of history, and even the ancient orchard would be transformed into installation art. Tunnels deep into hillsides will also be included in the planning scope in the future. these tunnels are linked to various wine storage and processing sites. The hot spring water of the same name flows into the tall redwood forest at the foot of the mountain, providing a cool summer shelter for the hot summer. The project aims to find a transcendental material connection between the forest-covered hillsides and houses, newly built facilities, and vineyards connected by a unique path.




The new plan will also divide separate areas for existing houses, redwood forests on the west, future wine storage sites, garages, small fitness swimming pools designed by Jim Jennings that can swim into the sky city, and dressing rooms on the east. The new area consists of a ” road and bridge” parallel to the central avenue, connecting the slope with the entrance to the vineyard and enjoying the scenery of the valley. Starting from the hill, rows of lavender were planted on the road and bridge, ending with tunnel-shaped glass in the swimming pool dressing room. Swimmers dive into the pool from the end of the lavender garden, go out from the luminous structure of ” city of the sky”, swim to the creativity of trayer, and finally wander on the vineyard.


合作:James Turrell Jim Jennings Architecture
获奖:2010 ASLA 荣誉奖

Collaborators:James Turrell Jim Jennings Architecture
Awards:2010 ASLA Honor Award
Size:16 acres

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