Lutsko Associates:旧金山的这个城市住宅花园,被设想做为日常生活的户外建筑,最大化这个小空间的影响和经验。鉴于其较小的规模,花园被认为是没有屋顶的建筑:既可以从房子的上层欣赏其魅力,也可以作为一个内部享受的宁静亲密的庭院。该设计关注于材料和植物的感知体验,让花园更加丰富和美丽。

Lutsko Associates:The city’s residential garden in San Francisco is envisaged as an outdoor building in daily life to maximize the influence and experience of this small space. Due to its small size, the garden is considered a roof-free building: it can enjoy its charm from the upper floor of the house, and can also be used as a quiet and intimate courtyard enjoying inside. The design focuses on the perceptual experience of materials and plants, making the garden richer and more beautiful.



This is the courtyard of a single-family building on the San Francisco highlands. The single building was designed by a famous architect in 1990. Looking down at the courtyard on the two balconies of this building, you can have a panoramic view of the space, materials and plants. But also integrated with the city landscape in the distance and integrated into the city texture. Standing inside the garden, this is a courtyard with rich spatial sequence. it is very orderly, and you feel especially strong when you pass through it.






The garden is divided into three series of closed spaces, with hedgerow planting defining the boundary. The materials include translucent glass, hand mold with bright plaster, curved copper wall, and plants. They interact with the experiencer. Hedgerow planting uses steel frames to shape. Space is full of mystery and attracts people to visit continuously.
The three ” rooms” have different forms and experiences. In the first room, translucent glass was used for lighting and privacy, and a subtle atmosphere was formed, triggering imagination. Geranium and salvia miltiorrhiza add texture and fragrance to the space. Pass through a sweet osmanthus hedge wall and end the journey in this room. The second room has a very eye-catching curved bronze wall. A crack was opened in the wall, and the water rushed out to form a beautiful waterfall. The sound of water makes the space appear quieter. In the third room, there is an opening on the translucent wall, and you can see the amazing sight of the gulf city. The relationship between the appearance and the neighboring fine arts institute was well handled as it was.



The designers adopted bold material comparison. The pavement pattern is obvious. Villous thyme embedded in granite floor. The dark ground stone is equipped with spiral light-colored engraved decorations. The planting color is mainly green plants with white flowers. Plant leaves form a strong contrast with hard materials. The space and material selection of the garden echo the simple and pure form of architecture in the province. The garden has become the house of daily life, and at the same time, it also extends this property to the adjacent city form.



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