Bernard Trainor : 费尔德曼建筑公司建造的这座现代农场房屋坐落在圣卢西亚保护区的一座小山上,中央庭院里有一棵雄伟的山谷橡树。一系列的石头“坚固的墙”形成了房子和中央庭院的结构。除此之外,精致的木板构成的混凝土墙有助于搭建各种户外娱乐和泳池游戏空间。内-外生活是通过宽敞的门户提供的,门户通过房屋墙壁打开,滑动的面板让位于景观和诱人的生活空间。

Bernard Trainor : This modern ranch house by Feldman Architecture sits on a knoll in the Santa Lucia Preserve, engaging a majestic Valley Oak in its central court. A series of stone ‘strong walls’ form the structure of the house and central courtyard. Beyond this, refined board form concrete walls help frame various outdoor spaces for entertaining and pool play. Inside-outside living is afforded through generous portals opening through the house walls with sliding panels giving way to landscape and inviting living spaces.




The various proximities to oak woodland are a dynamic part of this landscape: a seasonally changing Valley Oak as a central feature, a grove of Coast Live Oaks on the knoll, and the ever changing hillside to the south, with sunlight playing on canopies throughout the day in the distant hills. Dynamic connections from west to east, knoll to saddle, micro to macro, native and lush, offer surprises at every turn.

自然雕琢时间沉淀的才是最耐看的肌理。The texture that is most durable to see is the texture that is precipitated by natural carving time.







Perhaps, when you sit down, your mood will be as calm and quiet as nature in the distance.





The light yellow decoration in the room blends with nature, making people feel warm.



项目名称:RANCH O I H
景观设计:Bernard Trainor

Project name: RANCH O I H
Location: saint Lucia,America
Completed: 2013
Architectural:Feldman Architecture
Landscape:Bernard Trainor

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