Andy sturgeon design:这个花园的灵感来自于提倡传统工艺的工艺美术运动和其潜在的精神和原则。这场运动的关键元素都被展示出来,包括建筑、家具、珠宝、室内设计和花园。

Andy sturgeon design:This garden is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and its underlying ethos and principles where traditional craftsmanship was advocated. The key elements of the movement are all represented including architecture, furniture, jewellery, interior design and gardens.





The terracing and steps are formal and Italianate, the side pathway forms a striking vista and the two spaces are connected by a ‘floating’ oak bench.






Three monolithic walls take their inspiration from the repeated patterns of William Morris wallpaper. The circular apertures echo the domed and rounded umbels used in the planting and are lined internally with copper which comes alive when illuminated at night.




The copper ‘energy wave’ sculpture takes its cue from jewellery and I designed this to provide a dramatic focal point as it weaves its way through the garden into borders and pathways and emerges in the rectangular pool, enlivening the garden without challenging its formality.




项目名称: MG Garden
地点: 英国伦敦
完成: 2012
面积: 220平方米
摄影师: helen fickling
获奖: 在切尔西2012年获得金牌和最佳花园奖

Project name: MG Garden
Location: London, UK
Completed: 2012
size: 220m2
photography: helen fickling
Awards: winning a Gold medal and Best Show Garden at Chelsea 2012


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  1. 英国工艺美术运动,是19世纪下半叶,起源于英国的一场设计改良运动,又称作艺术与手工艺运动。景观师有:威廉 .鲁滨逊、格特鲁德 .杰尔基、埃德温 .路特恩斯~~~