Andy sturgeon design:受数百万年形成和塑造我们景观的地质事件的启发,这是一个关于时间和视角规模的花园。它让我们想起了我们自己在地球上相对微不足道的转瞬即逝的瞬间。

Andy sturgeon design:Inspired by the magnitude of geological events that have shaped and moulded our landscape over millions of years, this is a garden about perspective of both time and scale. It reminds us of our own relatively insignificant and fleeting moment on Earth.



平面图 Master Plan

这个花园代表了一个“瞬间捕捉的景观”,一个温和的花园空间存在于一个更大、更狂野的环境中。引人注目的青铜“鳍”代表了一个古老的山脉,下面的峡谷里流淌着一股融水。种植是温暖和半干旱的,是一个想象中的植物群落,与加利福尼亚的Sierra Madre的chaparral或智利安第斯山脚下的mattoral山麓丘陵相呼应。

The garden represents a ‘captured landscape’ in which a gently gardened space exists within a larger, wilder setting. Dramatic bronze fins represent an ancient mountain range with a stream of melt water running in the gorge below. The planting is warm and semi-arid, an imagined plant community and contrived landscape echoing the chaparral of California’s Sierra Madre or the mattoral of the foothills of Chile’s Andes.



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The garden highlights the need to adapt gardens to their environments and to futureproof them against a changing climate.







项目名称: Telegraph garden
地点: 英国伦敦
完成: 2016
获奖: 在切尔西2016年获得金牌和最佳花园奖

Project name: Telegraph garden
Location: London, UK
Completed: 2016
Awards: winning a Gold medal and Best Show Garden at Chelsea 2016


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