space2place design inc. :托儿中心位于西弗雷泽大学 – 大学社区的核心地带,通过视觉渗透和社交活动来促进社区的联系。公园、小学和中层住宅楼围成一片。

space2place design inc. :Situated in the heart of the Simon Fraser University – UniverCity neighbourhood, the Childcare Centre fosters its community connections through an engaging street front, visual permeability, and social programming.  A public park, an elementary school, and mid-rise residential buildings frame the site.


The main challenge of this project was to meet the rigorous Living Building Challenge criteria and provide an innovative amenity built with locally-sourced and non-toxic materials.  In addition, our challenge was to honour the curiosity, intelligence and creativity of  the children who will spend years learning and playing here, by reflecting the values of the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

拒绝目录播放设备,我们邀请当地的托儿孩子帮助我们重新思考游戏空间,并与当地工匠合作开发独特的游戏功能。该网站为儿童提供各种各样的创意,身体和社会形式的游戏 – 孩子们可以创建自己的实验和表演的空间。创意地与现场地形进行工作,我们将建筑物藏在现有的斜坡中,通过使屋顶可达,最大化户外游乐空间。这一策略为监督提供了明确的观点,并将一个从屋顶的滑梯整合到下面的沙滩游乐区的很好的机会。

Rejecting catalogue-based play equipment, we invited local daycare children to help us re-imagine play spaces and we collaborated with local artisans to develop unique play features.  The site provides children with a diverse range of creative, physical and social forms of play – a space where children can create their own experiments and performances.  Working creatively with the site topography, we tucked the building into the existing slope and maximized the outdoor play space by making the rooftop accessible.  This strategy provides clear views for supervision and a great opportunity to integrate a slide from the roof to the sand play area below.

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