SWA Group受到运动理念的启发,这个与Studios Architecture的合作实现了建筑与景观、项目与场地的巧妙和谐。在grand jete中舞蹈演员的形象激发了设计师的想象力,并成为项目的组织理念。亚洲首个专业舞蹈综合体位于上海边缘的高速公路、地铁站和公园之间。该项目的方案整合了历史建筑,并提供了公共和表演空间与私人生活和教育空间的适当分离,以及功能和仪式真正的落地。在大型的中央广场,一个戏剧性的互动喷泉欢迎游客,并为公众表演创造一种戏剧感。该功能也可能被关闭,以创建更大的公共集会的室外空间。广场为中心的四栋新建筑提供了入口,每栋建筑都有自己独特的室外庭院。庭院被雕刻在景观中,新的空间提供了各种学习和表演的体验。在这一新的公共设施中,弯曲的人行道、成排的树木、树篱和长廊贯穿整个景观,座位和水景都在对来自周围城市的游客表达欢迎。

SWA GroupInspired by the idea of movement, this collaboration with Studios Architecture achieves an artful harmony of building with landscape, program with site. The image of a dancer in grand jete kindled the designers’ imaginations and served as the project’s organizing idea. Asia’s first professional dance complex is tucked between a freeway, a subway station and a park at a prominent edge of Shanghai. The project’s scheme integrates historic buildings, and provides an appropriate separation of public and performance spaces from private living and educational spaces as well as a functional and ceremonial arrival and drop-off area. At the large central plaza, a dramatic interactive fountain welcomes visitors and creates a sense of drama for public performances. The feature may be shut off to create outdoor space for larger public gatherings. The plaza provides access to the Center’s four new buildings, each with its own distinctive outdoor courtyard. Courtyards are carved into the landscape, with the new spaces offering a variety of experiences for learning and performance. In this new amenity for the public, curving bands of paving, along with rows of trees, hedges and promenades sweep through the landscape, where seating and water features welcome visitors from the surrounding city.



上海国际舞蹈中心是集建筑与艺术和谐、现代户外空间于一体的综合体。它的设计灵感来自于 Studios Architecture 的运动理念。这是一个占地17英亩的场地,今天它实现了一个完美的景观。上海国际舞蹈中心成为世界一流的表演空间。

Shanghai International Dance Center is a combination of building with an artful harmony and modern outdoor space in Shanghai, China. The design of it is inspired by the movement idea with the Studios Architecture. It achieves a perfect landscape and also a site program in 17 acres of an area. Today, Shanghai International Dance Center becomes a world-class performance space in the world.




The landscape of is full of curving bands of paving, promenades, hedges, and also rows of trees. The water fountain and the seating area also welcome all visitors around the city. Providing an awesome outdoor space for gathering.




Shanghai International Dance Center is a landscape architecture of a site program. The building and the park area are combined together in one movement idea to create an awesome harmony for the city. The lights and the fountain also make the site much beautiful.



如果你仔细看就能发现,这个项目的想法是通过场地本身的东西来展示设计师的想象力的。其中之一就是舞者的形象。这张舞者的形象来自grande jete,周围是美丽的花朵。

If you see clearly, the idea of this project is about showing the imaginations of the designers through the things in the site. One of those things is the image of a dancer. This dancer image is located in grande jete surrounded by beautiful flowers.




Inside Shanghai International Dance Center, there is Asia’s first professional dance complex. It is located between the subway station, a park, and also a freeway near the Shanghai prominent edge area of the outdoor space.



地点: 上海,中国
客户: Studios Architecture
范围: 规划、景观建筑
面积: 17英亩

Location: Shanghai, China
Client: Studios Architecture
Scope: Planning, Landscape Architecture
Size: 17 acres

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