2.ink studio :   SINBIN是一个私人住宅,创造了一个互动的环境,将景观和建筑融合在一起,形成一种意想不到的形式和色彩,内部和外部,是艺术家的休闲场所,部分滑板碗,部分录音室和部分游乐场。 建筑和景观计划旨在为滑冰者,艺术家,音乐家和设计师创造一个协作的家庭环境,以便共同开展与各自学科相交的项目和产品。 设计为私人住宅,具有灵活的开放空间,适用于小型和大型团体活动,景观设计围绕有机线程组织,将不同的房间连接在一起形成流畅的设计,打破障碍,将学科融合成一系列空间。

2.ink studio :  Part artist’s retreat, part skate bowl, part recording studio, and part playground, SINBIN is a private residence that creates an interactive environment bringing together landscape and architecture in an unexpected play of form and color, interior and exterior. The building and landscape program was developed to create a collaborative home environment for skaters, artists, musicians, and designers to play together on projects and products that intersect their respective disciplines. Designed as a private residence with flexible open space for small and large group events, the landscape design is organized around an organic thread that links the differing rooms together into a fluid design, breaking down barriers and merging disciplines into an episodic series of spaces.



建筑师:Skylab Architecture

Location: Portland, OR
Client: Private
Architect: Skylab Architecture


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