Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   这个公寓位于一个现有的草地内,可以通过橡树林地到达周围的纳帕山谷。 景观设计包括一系列大型石板,创造正式入口和主要户外露台空间,同时将住宅的两个酒吧相互连接起来。 该设计保留了四个现有的谷和海岸活橡树。 在停车场和住宅之间创建了一条不锈钢翅片线和一个结构化的Chondropetalum种植的门槛。 在北部,低水用草地草地巧妙地融合在庭院的阶梯边缘,模糊了设计与景观之间的边缘。

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   This residence sits within an existing meadow with views through an oak woodland to the surrounding Napa Valley hills. The landscape design consists of a series of large stone slabs that create a formal entry and primary outdoor patio space, while connecting the two bars of the residence with one another. The design preserves the four existing Valley and Coast Live Oaks. A threshold is created between the parking court and the residence with a line of stainless steel fins and a structured planting of Chondropetalum. To the north, low water use meadow grasses subtly blend into the stepped edges of the patio, blurring the edge between the design and the landscape beyond.




建筑设计:Michael Maltzan
景观设计:Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Project name: St. Helena Residence
Location: St. Helena, CA
Completed: 2010
Architect: Michael Maltzan
Landscape: Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

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