The Grand Pinklao 会所的景观是由LAB设计的,项目风格现代简约,涉及会所及别墅区。该会所建在一处高地上,其入口作为一种标志被重点设计,泳池设在会所后面,提供一定程度的隐私,别墅区同样采取简约现代的手法营造出疏朗大气的景观。

The landscape of The Grand Pinklao Clubhouse was designed by LAB and the project style is modern and minimalist, involving the clubhouse and villa area. The clubhouse was built on a high ground, and its entrance was designed as a sign. The swimming pool is located behind the clubhouse and provides a certain degree of privacy. The villa area also adopts a simple and modern approach to create a sleek and atmospheric landscape.



The building can be seen as a floating L-shaped building supported by two large stones. One side of the L model faces the road to attract passers-by, and the sales office area is arranged; the other side is located south facing north and has a swimming pool and other functions. The north-south-facing building is perfect for Southeast Asia’s climate, and the huge provocations on the west side prevent excessive sunlight from entering the building. Parking lots and sidewalks are arranged in the lower view. In terms of structure, the building adopts a post-stretching structure to achieve a cantilever effect of up to 7.5 meters. The second floor of the building is transparent, and people can see the interior scene and even see the building opposite. The space in the building that requires privacy, such as the bathroom and the conference room, is placed in the opaque stone shape below the building. These shapes are so natural stone that they look like two stones with a glass box.



项目名称:Grand Pinklao Clubhouse
业主:Krungthep Land Public Company Limited

Project Name :The Grand Pinklao Clubhouse
Area : 1000㎡
Status : Complete
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Owner :Krungthep Land Public Company Limited
Architecture:OFFICE AT

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