Lanscape architects 49 :Sky Gallery是位于芭堤雅Phra Tamnak山悬崖上的一家餐厅项目。开发区位于悬崖边缘的一片平坦的陆地上,拥有长长的海滨,提供壮观的海洋全景。这个遗址被遗弃了几十年,留下了整个遗址上一棵巨大的雨树树荫。

Lanscape architects 49 :The Sky Gallery is a restaurant project located on the cliff of Phra Tamnak Mountain in Pattaya. The development area is a flat land at the edge of the cliff with a long ocean front, providing a spectacular and panoramic view of the ocean. This site was abandoned for decades, leaving one gigantic Rain tree shade through the entire site.




The design concept is very simple: enhance the potential of space and maintain its nature to the greatest extent. According to the uniqueness of the space, the existing rain tree is preserved as a milestone. The design method aims to create a relaxed and socialized atmosphere to meet the needs of all tourists.



Emphasize the proportion of non-crowded areas in the construction area. In order to provide spacious space, the exhibition hall and restaurant are located on both sides of the property line, and the seascape can be viewed from every place within the project. In addition, all seascape catering areas are located on different ground levels to differentiate their roles. The hard landscape material used is also the concept of earth tone to create harmony with the environment. More importantly, for the sustainability of the project, the plant species chosen are salt tolerance and soil protection. This simple and humble design is the core of the project because users can immerse themselves in the natural environment at different times of the day.


Project name: The Sky Gallery pattaya
Location: Pattaya, Chon Buri
Completed: 2015