Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   Windhover沉思中心,由艺术家Nathan Oliveria系列作品命名,是斯坦福大学校园的精神避难所。 使用Oliveira的艺术作为个人更新的载体,教堂式的中心提供了从日常生活的强度的喘息。 与建筑相结合,景观提供了一系列宁静的空间,旨在全天安静的反思。 任何斯坦福大学的学生,教师或工作人员以及较大社区的成员都可以使用该中心。

Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture :   The Windhover Contemplative Center, named for a series of paintings by artist Nathan Oliveria, is a spiritual refuge on the Stanford campus.  Using Oliveira’s art as a vehicle for personal renewal, the chapel-like center provides a respite from the intensity of day-to-day life.  In concert with the architecture, the landscape offers a series of tranquil spaces intended for quiet reflection throughout the day.  The center is accessible for any Stanford student, faculty, or staff member, as well as for members of the larger community.




Photos by Matthew Millman.

建筑设计: Aidlin Darling
景观设计:Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Project name: The Windhover Contemplative Center
Location: San Francisco, CA,
Completed: 2012
Architect: Aidlin Darling
Landscape: Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

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