OBA:Thyme Hill Village 山顶风光度假村,享受最佳住宿,KORO YAI的全景山景,该项目的设计顾问还有专注于打造高端度假村的著名设计公司P Landscape (PLA)  ,项目“Home”概念式低层住宅建筑被放置在山区地形上,可以欣赏到令人叹为观止的美景。每层仅有5个房间,隐私是最好的。 该建筑旨在增强通风和优化自然光。 每间“Home”都设有大型户外露台和开放式设计,让您在大自然中真正放松身心。 室内设计齐全,采用精选的天然材料精制而成。

OBA:Thyme Hill Village Mountain View Resort, enjoy the best accommodation, KORO YAI panoramic mountain view, the project’s design consultants and P Landscape (PLA)  , a famous design company focused on creating high-end resorts.The “Home” Concept low-rise residence buildings are placed on the mountains terrain to allow unobstructed views of the breathtaking scenery.With just 5 rooms per floor, privacy is at its best. The building is designed to enhance ventilation and optimize natural light. Each “Home” features large outdoor terrace and open plan design for true relaxation amidst nature. The interior is fully furnished and crafted with fine selection of natural materials.


鸟瞰效果图Aerial View

项目平面图Project plan



只有36栋别墅,这是一个真正温暖的社区。 所有别墅的设计都融入了景观,与山脉相映成趣,可欣赏到令人叹为观止的美景。 采用开放式设计,连接整个别墅的所有家庭活动。 它还带来自然通风和光线,使别墅明亮通风。精致的自然纹理材料选择精心打造的建筑和室内设计,与精致的无缝和谐。

With only 36 villas, it’s a truly warm community. All villas are designed to blend in with the landscape and aligned with the mountains to enjoy the panoramic view of the breathtaking scenery. With the open plan design, it connects all family activities in the entire villa. It also bring natural ventilation and light that makes the villa bright and airy.Fine selections of natural texture materials are crafted into the architecture and interior design for a seamless harmony with the exquisite.



地点:Pak Chong,Nakhon Ratchasima,泰国
开发商:Nye Estate Co. Ltd.

Location: Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
Area: 300 Square Meters
Year: 2017
Developer:  Nye Estate Co. Ltd
Project consultant:OBAP Landscape (PLA)  ,P VIRIYA INTERIEURS